Man Sits Down To Read To Niece, The Way He Reads Has Everyone In Stitches

It involves a little cutie by the name of Margot and her uncle, Adam Theroux. The clip starts off with Adam announcing that he is going to read the story titled “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” But this is no ordinary storytime, that’s for sure.

Adam brings the story to life with a slew of hilarious accents and funny gestures that cause little Margot to burst into laughter at nearly every single sentence. Adam’s talent, love, and creativity have created a perfect bond between an uncle and his niece, and it’s something everyone needs to see!

Oddly enough, however, Adam’s hilarious voice-overs have not only caught Margot’s undivided attention, but also those of YouTube. One viewer commented that he would be the perfect candidate to do voice-overs for cartoons, while another exclaimed that his chucklesome accents had them in stitches.

We dare you to watch this video without laughing until your stomach hurts—or at the very least, smiling like a fool. It’s virtually impossible! In fact, it’s worthy of several repeats! Good job, Adam! We adored this fun storytime!

Once you’re done laughing your head off, be sure to like and share this adorable video with your family and friends! Especially those who know that laughter is infectious.

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