Ice Skater Performs To ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ And Has The Crowd Erupting In Applause

For everyone who is Ekaterina’s fan, they’ll know that she started her skating career with her late husband, Sergei Grinkov. Together, the couple was 4-time World Champion in pair skating, and they were unbeatable. After Sergei’s demise, Ekaterina continued to skate as a single skater.

The Olympic Champion has been skating since the age of 4, so you know that the sport has been a part of her entire life so far. Skating for Ekaterina is special in more than one way. She not only pursued it professionally out of passion but she also met Sergei through skating as well.

Today she is married to 1998 Men’s Olympic Champion Ilia Kulik.

Have you seen Ekaterina perform on ice before? If not, we’re sure you’ll love her solo performance shared in the video below. If you enjoyed it as much as we did, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends—especially those who enjoy skating!

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