Woman Grabs Mic In Grocery Store And Starts To Sing, 3 Minutes Later Her Singing Is Going Viral

Shoppers at a local Sam’s Club in New York were in for a treat one day when Christina Kokonis-Viggers took the mic of a karaoke machine sitting on the shelf and belted out ‘Maybe This Time’ from the 1972 musical, “Cabaret.” Christina says that she usually just sings on stage (she’s a singer from Staten) and that this act was entirely out of the blues! But she sure is glad that she took a moment to serenade shoppers in Sam’s Club that day. 

Christina’s best friend, Amanda Lasher, recorded her performance as it happened and then uploaded in on the internet; Amanda knew that this video was going to get the singer somewhere, but Christina thought nothing of it. Evidently, the video was so popular that 2,000 people had already viewed by the end of the night that day!

It’s surprising to know that Christina has no formal training in singing and a lot of is just practice and hard work. But she does hope to be singing alongside the like of Adele soon!

Click on the link below and watch  Christina’s impromptu karaoke performance. If you enjoyed this clip as much as we did, then don’t forget to like and share it with family and friends!

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