Dad Makes Baby Laugh And Loses It Himself When Toddler Sounds Just Like A Sheep

Babies start to observe and interact with the world around them very early on. They smile very early, but that is just a “reflex smile.” The real smile, followed soon after by laughter, begins to appear at six to twelve weeks. While babies may spend a fair amount of time crying, they also love to laugh, and we love to laugh right along with them.

The little one in this video has already started smiling, and laughter is his new favorite thing. He has the undivided attention of his entire family as his dad plays with him and gets him to laugh out loud. The baby lets out a huge belly laugh, and it has everyone in the room laughing, too. Laughter and smiles are infectious, but this baby’s laugh is particularly hilarious. He sounds just like a sheep! It’s impossible to watch him and not laugh, too.

Watch the hilarious video below and please like and share!

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