‘Asia’s Got Talent’ Has Scariest Audition Ever When Girl Brings Out Ghost Next To Judges

While auditioning for the show, the girl (who we don’t know much about) scared the wits out of all three judges when she did things that seemed impossible to do on stage. Without giving away too many of the details (we want to save the performance and all the creepiness for you when you watch the video), The Sacred Riana seems to recreate an interesting world of magic and illusions on the sets of the show.

The clip starts with the girl coming on stage and not saying a word. Even when the judges are asking her questions, she’s making odd head movements but doesn’t reply. We’re sure it’s all a part of her brilliant act! She then immediately jumps into her performance and has the three judges involved right from the start of the act.

She manages to turn a key in her palm without touching it, shift a deck of cards, and take a picture with a Polaroid that reveals a ghost! Yes, a ghost!

We won’t tell you how it all happens, so we encourage you to watch it for yourself, below! And if you enjoyed this act, then don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends and give them all a little scare.

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