Pentatonix Puts A Unique And Chilling Spin On Elvis Classic And It’s Going Viral.

Now of course you’re probably feeling a little apprehensive because, let’s face it, is any Elvis cover ever as good as the original? But this supergroup has really managed to create a sound that is mesmerizing, soothing and down-right amazing. Listening to it is an absolute treat.

The video begins peacefully with a black background, as the band members sit on chairs in circular formation. The camera slowly moves from singer to singer, as we catch a glimpse of their soulful voices and their passionate eyes. Then, each singer gets more time to shine, which is when you really get to feel the emotions they’re feeling.

Needless to say, this band has definitely managed to successfully cover an absolute classic in such a way that your heart will sincerely melt.

Watch the entire performance in the link below. Be sure to share the love by having your family and friends listen this stunning song—especially with the volume cranked up!

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