Not One, Not Two, But Three Fully Grown Mastiffs Found Stuck In A Storm Drain!

Luckily, help was on-hand, as a passerby called the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to come and scope out the situation. They managed to free the adorable pups and got them safe and sound back to their home, without even trying to imagine what could have happened had no one seen them!

Despite the somewhat scary story, it’s amazing that it has a happy ending! It also serves as a great reminder for all pet owners out there to keep a close eye on your beloved animals, because they are one of the many joys in life and we surely wouldn’t want them in harm’s way!

Learn about the full story below, and see these three lovely little doggies who were rescued by the wonderful team at Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. A big thank-you goes out to them for responding so promptly and lovingly. Don’t forget to like and share this post with family and friends!

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