Little Girl Begins To Sing Original Song, Then Her Partner Joins In And Makes It Go Viral

Jadyn Rylee is only 11-years-old, but she’s a very talented singer and hopes to have a career in the music business. She’s already on her way there. The little girl from Toronto, Canada has already had some success with her Youtube channel and fans are drawn to her voice and natural charisma.

But, there are a lot of talented kids out there and one of them happens to be Jadyn’s best friend. When Jadyn met Brayden Ryle, the two became fast friends. They most likely bonded over their love of singing and their quest for musical success.

Together, the tiny duo performed a song called “Only You.” Though it was initially meant to be a love song, it ended up perfectly illustrating their friendship.

“We hope you feel the connection that we did when these kids met this past summer. . . they seemed so in tune with each other and knew exactly what to do,” said an artist who knows the pair.

Watch the fantastic duet below!

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