Mom Takes Her Makeup Off For The First Time In 50 Years For Extreme Makeover

The episode below shows Chris’ mother Joann Hopkins take the hot seat in front of the celebrity stylist. Since Joann is known as a “makeup pro” she doesn’t ever remove her makeup; they say the woman hasn’t removed her makeup and been bare-faced in the last 50 years. Now, that’s something!

Chris opens up about his mom and her habit of always wearing makeup. He reveals that he’s always seen his mom with a full face of makeup and that she would never open her front door without it on. She doesn’t feel like herself without it. In the video, you’ll also see Joann saying that the fact that she has to take her makeup off is “painful.” And, that if she didn’t love her son so much, she would never have agreed to it. She says that she doesn’t “do this for anybody.”

She also says that some of her makeup hasn’t even come off in 50 years, and in the 42 years of her marriage, her husband has seen her without makeup MAYBE once or twice and that too, “by accident.”

We think she looks just as beautiful without makeup!

Click on the link below and watch this special makeover for yourself!

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