Andrea Bocelli Classic Exquisitely Done By Youth Choir For 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years since its release (and arguably a classic way ahead of its time), a youth choir joins forces with a full adult orchestra to bring to life a big blow out production of the song–harp and bassoon included.

The immediately recognizable melody opens with the orchestra playing softly and the choir filing onto the risers in an orderly fashion. The conductor leads everyone in as the cameras roll, fanning over the different sections. There’s the first lull, and a pure, female voice grabs your attention. Timed to a tee, this little but mighty soprano breaks into the operatic Italian love song and carries it beautifully. Accompanied by the choir and the orchestra, together, they create magic.

The camera cuts near and wide, revealing the details that make the video extra engaging. Close-ups of faces, music books, and sheets, singing mouths–everything to make this remarkable song sound even better than when it first came out, pushing this classic straight into legendary.

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