Bon Jovi Commands Stage With Powerful Version of "Hallelujah," Reaching Millions

No stranger to heartfelt romantic anthems, Bon Jovi has been delivering his music to hundreds of thousands of fans for decades. With a voice like his, he’s got the heartfelt tone down pat, and this version doesn’t stray from what he does best. Jon Bon Jovi and his band do it yet again, reaching for your heart and tugging at its strings. It’s all about the feels in this one.

Set on a dark, dimly lit stage, the familiar piano melody starts. Jon jumps right in, putting his spin on the song, his voice is smoky and raw, and his eyes are closed. He gets close and comfortable with the mic, effortlessly conveying the emotion that this song so famously embodies. Where Jon goes when his eyes are shut, no one knows, but with a voice like that, it sure sounds like he’s transported somewhere heavenly. The band added a violinist for a heightened effect, and the result is nothing short of moving. This is arguably one of the best renditions of the song to date – just ask the millions of fans who’ve liked it.

Click below to see Jon and the band in action in yet another touchy-feely rendition of “Hallelujah.”

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