Dad Asks Baby If He Slept Well, Baby’s Hilarious Answer Has Internet Falling In Love

While a new baby can be challenging, bewildering, and exhausting, most parents agree that the tiny baby stage goes by way too quickly and that every moment should be cherished as your baby is just beginning to communicate and express themselves.

Oliver is the name of the baby in this video, and he is learning to show different emotions and share them with his parents. He’s incredibly adorable as he wakes up from a nap and his parents made sure to capture the moment on video. The baby begins to wake, stretching, yawning, and squirming — and he hasn’t even opened his eyes! But when he does, his dad records something too cute not to share.

As Oliver’s eyes finally begin to open, his father says to him, “Good morning.” Oliver’s eyes began to widen as he looks back at his dad, watching him speak to him.

Then, the dad asks, “Did you sleep well?” The baby continues to stare at his dad. He looks so serious as he continues to watch. It’s almost as if he can’t come up with a good answer to the question. Then, he finally has an “answer.”

Watch the video below to see Oliver’s adorable response and why the internet is falling in love with this baby boy!


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