Baby’s First Crawl Caught On Tape, But It’s The Dog That Makes It A Truly Magical Moment

The baby in the video is a sweetheart young girl dressed in pink. And in it, she has decided that today is the day that she will finally be victorious by crawling. Before attempting her crawl, she realizes that her family pup is right there, cheering her on big time!

The cutie pie begins slowly, first finding her bearings, then goes for it! She crawls beautifully towards her favorite fluffy friend, who is waiting patiently not too far away. The dog, which is slightly aged, shows its lovely grey muzzle and watches its human friend intently, waiting for her to approach.

Then, as the baby girl makes her way closer and closer, the pup begins sniffing the little one — perhaps his special way of showing encouragement and love. Finally, she reaches the dog, who then greets her with a massive amount of kisses and love. It’s simply a precious moment in time that the entire Internet is happy to have witnessed!

Give the heartwarming video clip below a watch, and see just how beautiful both the infant girl and the lovely pup are. Something tells me that they’re going to be the best of friends for years and years to come!

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