Baby Girl Hilariously Fake Cries In Front Of Mommy And Has The Internet In Stitches

And what does the baby do? She suddenly cries, and the way she cries is hilarious. She pouts and moves her mouth in a way that one usually does when they’re shivering.

Some people described in the comments of the video that, between the “cry” she lets out and the movement of her lips, it makes her sound like a machine gun—which is the exact way to describe it. I personally immediately thought of a jackhammer!

When she stops, however, that’s when you see the actress in her. She stops right away without giving it a second thought, and it’s as if she had never been crying in the first place. She returns to her blank stare as she looks at the camera. The second she stops, her mother asks her, “What was that?”

And with a blank face, no sadness or welling tears in her eyes, she does the cry again.

It’s amusing to watch, and the baby is the cutest!

If you want to watch the video for yourself and listen to this amazing fake cry, give it a watch here!

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