8 Nurses Help Mom Hold 12oz Baby Girl For First Time – Everyone Is Instantly In Tears Of Joy

It was only after two long weeks that Naomi was a little more developed and had the doctor’s go-ahead to be held by her parents outside of the incubator. This is an approach called “kangaroo care” where preemies are held against the skin of the mother to help encourage growth and healing.

Even though Naomi was still very small, doctors felt she was stable enough to be held, and with the help of eight nurses facilitating the move from her incubator to mom’s chest, Naomi was able to bond and be embraced.

Angela was overjoyed when she was finally able to hold her baby and did so every day for the following 128 days Naomi was admitted to the hospital. Thanks to the support of the team, and mom and dad’s unwavering hope, Naomi is now a happy and healthy girl, with pudgy little cheeks and all!

Click below to get a peek at the full story about a tiny fighter with the will to survive.

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