Three Sisters Gather To Sing Epic Rendition Of "Enter Sandman"

But, as I said before, anyone can enjoy heavy metal, and we definitely shouldn’t stereotype people by the way that they look. The heavy metal band in this video is defying all of the stereotypes out there.

It’s common for school-age kids to want to play a musical instrument. Some of them choose the guitar or the drums. Some even get together and form a band, and that’s exactly what these three sisters decided to do.

Three girls, all under the age of fourteen, started a heavy metal band. And they’re outstanding! Daniela is 14 years old and plays guitar, Paulina is 12 and on drums, and Alejandra is 9 and plays bass guitar. All three girls aren’t afraid to rock!

Watch the talented trio perform Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” below!

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