Horse Sneakily Looks Up At Camera, Then Its Swift Move Lights Up The Internet

Horses may be huge, but they are surprisingly sensitive and intelligent animals. They are very in tune with the people around them and have an innate ability to read people’s emotions. They are herd animals, which means they are very social. They communicate in their way with other horses, but like most domesticated animals, they have learned to exist alongside humans and communicate with them, as well.

Like people, horses each have different personalities. Some of them are happy and social — they love to spend time with others and are the “life of the party.” Other horses are quiet and more reserved. Some are nervous and others more relaxed. It just depends on the animal’s temperament and the environment that were raised and trained in.

The horse in this video definitely wants to communicate something to his human. Whatever it is, he needs to be as close to her as possible. So, he pulls her in for a big hug. While horses may not actually know what a hug is, they understand closeness and affection — something he shows to his owner.

Watch the touching moment in the video below!

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