Carrie Underwood Shines Singing Spine-Tingling Dolly Parton Tribute

Carrie pays tribute to Dolly the legend, saying a few respectful words and gushing about how influential the talented vocalist, songwriter, entertainer, and actor is. Carrie starts her acapella rendition, slow and mindful. She is soulful in her approach, singing in a different key, but still maintains the integrity of the song – it’s instantly recognizable. The crowd makes noise as Carrie picks up speed at the chorus and a slow strumming guitar plays in the background.

And then Carrie just let’s go, her vocal power unleashed, hitting those familiar chords sung with raw emotion. She finishes her long-lasting note with a smile, and mouths the words “thank you Dolly” completing a beautiful version of this hard-to-beat mega-hit.

Click below to see Carrie in all of her sparkling glory, singing Dolly’s song with grace and precision.

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