Armed Police Engage In 45-Minute Standoff With Tiger Before Realizing It’s A Stuffed Toy

This is exactly what happened to Scottish police in a rural part of the country. A farmer named Bruce Grubb made a frantic call to the local police station claiming to have seen a real, live tiger on his property – more specifically, in his cowshed housing 200 pregnant cows! The man had reason to be worried about a presumably hungry predator in his barn!

Several police units and a dog handler were sent to the farm to feel out the situation, reporting that the “tiger’s” ears were twitching and that it seemed well fed. After 45 minutes of being on edge, it was discovered that the tiger wasn’t much of a tiger after all – it was a strategically placed toy tiger that didn’t so much as budge or move.

Everyone was a good sport about it and in high spirits after the commotion of a potentially devastating scenario. Still, no one knows who left the plush toy in the barn, but the police now have him under custody – as their new mascot!

Click below to see the news coverage of this strange and amusing encounter.

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