Give Pennies A Second Life With 15 Unique Ways To Use ‘Em Up

15. Slow Fungus Growth


Blight fungus is every gardener’s nightmare. A bacterial or fungal infestation can wipe out an entire crop, throwing a season’s worth of tender loving care down the drain. Slow down bacterial blight with pre-1982 pennies (they are made of 95% copper) by slicing the affected branch one-quarter of the way through, close to where the branch meets the stalk, and sliding in the penny.

14. Commemorate Important Dates


Make this thoughtful frame for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions and anything that deserves to be remembered. Perfect for a gift!

13. Rescue A Glass of Wine


Next time you open a bottle of wine and its odor is questionable, don’t fret. Clean a pre-1982 penny (clean it really, REALLY well) and plop it into your glass of wine. The copper penny reacts with the “thiols” in the wine (the stinky sulfur molecules that create an unpleasant rubbery/eggy smell). The copper helps counteract by releasing odorless copper sulfide, and voila! Your glass of wine should be rendered palatable.

12. Upgrade A Birdhouse


All you need is an assembled thick wood birdhouse, a bottle of crazy glue, and a couple of handfuls of pennies to make a sharp looking penny roof. Simply glue the pennies starting from the bottom of the roof, carefully overlapping them until you reach the top. Put it outside, and birds will be singing your praises!

11. Make A Quick Measurement


If you find yourself needing something to help you draw up a measurement in a pinch, here’s a rule of thumb: pennies have a 0.75-inch diameter. If you line 16 pennies side by side on a flat surface, they are exactly 1 ft.  And if you pile the same 16 cents high, into a neat pile, you’re standing just shy of 1 inch at 0.96 inches.

The list doesn’t end here! Click on the next page to figure out more ways to reuse pennies around the house!

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