Judge Freaks Out When He Hears Little Girls’ Angelic Voice Belt Out “Ave Maria”

What’s truly incredible about Amira’s version of the classic “Ave Maria” is how emotionally charged she makes it. She digs deep, stirring her own emotion (arguably, the emotions of an old soul – this girl goes way deeper than her nine years!) and filtering it to release a beautiful piece of music.

The crowd’s eyes are glued to Amira throughout her song, and when she reaches the end, she gets bombarded with boisterous applause, and a little boy who comes running up to give her flowers. They exchange a sweet embrace, and we learn that the boy is her proud brother who wants to stay up on stage with her.

Amira receives raving reviews from the judges, already bigs fans of her talent – as seen by the “standing” ovation on the judge’s table.

Click below to see Amira’s stunning performance. This is one you don’t want to miss.

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