Teen With Down Syndrome Applies For Job, Then A Phone Call From The Company Leaves Her In Tears

Julia Hock is a normal teenager in a town in California. She is a varsity cheerleader, enjoys spending time with her friends, and volunteers at the local little league snack bar. She also has Down Syndrome.

Julia wanted to get a real job to increase her independence and applied at the local Chick-Fil-A.

The teen had plenty of support. “Several kids at school wrote unsolicited letters of recommendation for her,” Julia’s mom, Kerri, told Top30 TV, “and a couple of other kids helped her choose outfits and drove her to the interview.”

After two official interviews, she found out that she got the job! When she received the call from her new employer, she could barely contain her excitement.

Her mom was thrilled and shared the news on Facebook. “Julia Hock is a working woman!” she posted. “After two interviews, lots of interview practice with her teachers, and a team of her friends helping her pick outfits and putting in a good word — Juj was hired. So proud of our girl!”

Watch more about Julia’s story and the awesome moment that she finds out about her new job in the video below. Please like and share!


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