Pregnant Mom Pulls Boyfriend In For A Dance Routine That Has Everyone Wanting More!

The mommy-to-be, alongside her boyfriend and the father of her child, take center stage (in their living room) and perform a beautiful Latin dance for the audience. You can tell that they’re about to have so much fun, as soon as they start recording. Once the video plays, the two have big smiles on their faces, and they’re ready to rock the dance floor. And rock the dance floor, they did!

A lot of couples may not find this the conventional way of spending time with one another when they’re pregnant, Gemma and Israel bond perfectly while doing their routine. Their chemistry throughout the dance performance is stunning, and you can tell that they’re not doing this to put on a show — they’re dancing because they love to dance, and being in each other’s company.

The couple gave birth to Alexandra last April!

Click on the link below and watch mommy and daddy shake a leg.

Article source: Rumble



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