Nicole Kidman Has An Appetite For Living Things, And It’s Bugging The Internet

Here we have Nicole Kidman showcasing her hidden “talent” – it’s eating micro-livestock. Nicole tucks into a 4-course meal starting with an appetizer of hornworms, which she describes as chewy and moist. Next up is mealworms, “I’m telling you…I’d win Survivor…” with a more fruity, delectable taste; followed by crickets, “…tastes like a hairy nut…” For dessert, she finishes off with a fried grasshopper, “….these are amazing. Exquisite.”

Crickets, for example, are very nutritious and although I have yet to try them, they are supposedly delicious. Curious bakers are experimenting using cricket flour in their everyday baking. The flour is simply milled crickets which are high in protein, rich in amino acids and works as a substitution for normal wheat flour (yup, it’s gluten-free too!). And the taste? A little earthier, a bit heavier but allegedly, still delectable!

Nicole appears to be among other bug-eaters like Justin Timberlake and Angelina Jolie. Click below to see Nicole dramatically (and with chopsticks) munch her way through four bowls of bugs in this Vanity Fair Secret Talent Theatre video.

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