Everyone Closes Their Eyes For Prayer, That’s When Camera Captures Baby’s Every Move

Mom and dad hold the child’s hands, each on either side, and mom begins the prayer thanking God for the food they’re about to have and asking for a blessed year ahead. It’s a beautiful prayer, said in full seriousness. But as the prayer is being said, you can’t help but laugh at the little boy.

His facial expressions change every couple of seconds, and he goes from wiggling his tongue to being fully concentrated and trying to understand exactly what mom is saying. He squints his eyes, and focuses on something far off, as he (probably) attempts at making sense of what’s going on around him. We bet that the wiggling of the tongue came at the sight of all the delicious food he sees on the table!

The prayer ends as everyone comes together and says, “Amen.” And this also includes the baby! They ask him if he’s going to say it too, and he shyly says, “Amen.” Everyone bursts into applause and thus the Christmas dinner begins, on a cheerful note!

Click on the link below and watch the boy’s funny reaction throughout the prayer.

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