Girl Barely Begins To Sing When Judge Slams Button, Faces Stage With Eyes Wide And Jaw Dropped

Vajen appears on stage, wearing light angelic colours and looking confident. She is happy and ready to fire off her voice. She’s not even five words in when the first judge turns around in his red chair, absolutely floored. He is super impressed with her rich voice. Seconds later, another judge spins around. Vajen’s smile just keeps getting bigger!

Finally, the remaining double judges spin and no one can keep their eyes off her! Vajen is ripping through the song with ease, and just as she’s building up and approaching the peak of the chorus, she hits the high notes with perfection, sending the audience into a roar of applause. The first judge is beyond wowed. Her family is happy, the host is clapping, and everyone is just beside themselves with this girl’s incredible stage presence.

Click below to see Vajen steal the hearts of the entire room.

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