Young Skater Makes History With Never-Seen-Before Moves That Have Crowd Going Wild

Within Alexandra’s graceful routine, she landed not one, but two quadruple jumps – a “Salchow” (a specific jump that starts with a backward takeoff on one skate to land on the other skate’s outside edge, with full arms in the air) and a toe loop. This incredible feat makes her the first lady in history to perform, and successfully land two quadruples in one program!

She’s been driven since she was 10 to get the triple axel right, pushing herself even further to hit the quadruple Salchow. And it was a lot of hard work – and harnesses and padded pants to help with the falls happening every day for half a year! But Alexandra persevered. She has the perfect trifecta – youth, strength and small size. Even though her jumps are the pinnacle of her success, it’s her grace and range of movement that has helped her get the gold medal. She incorporated a lot of tricks, like a triple-flip Salchow combination and double axel to sweeten her routine. Alexandra truly created a once-in-a-lifetime performance!

Click below to see the moves Alexandra will go down in history for!

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