Little Girl Dangles From Ceiling Upside Down And The Crowd Is Yelling, “Oh My God!”

To the beautiful tune of “Something Wild” by Lindsey Stirling, Katya and Nikita deliver a stupendous performance. What starts as two little kids on the bed in a dreamy scene, quickly escalates into acrobatic excellence. They both eagerly run from the bed to the dangling ropes and all of a sudden they are hoisted high in the air together.

All of Steve’s facial expressions are priceless! He is scared, he is in awe, he is terrified… the list goes on. As Katya and Nikita continue performing, it’s at about the halfway mark where the girl performs a solo suspension that has everyone on the edge of their seats. She is in mid-air in splits and abruptly drops out of it, hanging by only one leg. The crowd freaks out and Steve is at his wits end! There she is spinning as everyone gasps for air. This is truly a magnificent performance put on by such young and incredible talent.

Click below to be amazed by Katya and Nikita’s performance.

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