Disfigured Veteran Says Hi To 5-Year-Old Girl. Conversation That Follows Has Everyone In Tears.

Simon was shot in the face by an Iraqi sniper in 2006 while on a rescue mission. He was lucky to survive, and ended up blind in one eye (very obvious on his features) and was left with scars on his face despite 25 operations.

Most people would sit down with him and ask all about him, and some might even bluntly stare and judge his looks. Temperance was not that type of person. She looked at him as though she were talking to her parents, without judgment and fully immersed in conversation.

They sat down after Temperance had done a triathlon as part of a Facing It Together campaign for the charity called Help for Heroes, which aims to show the impact that the charity’s supporters make to the veterans‘ lives.

Temperance shared that she did a 100-meter swim and a bicycling one even though she was afraid to ride it. She said she went through with it because the soldiers liked to challenge themselves, so she could, too.

When Simon asked her why she did the triathlon, she replied, “Even though I didn’t know any of the soldiers, I just thought that they did something for us, I thought I could give a present back to them by raising them money.”

Simon told Temperance that because of what she did, he was able to get better — she was a hero, and he was proud of her.

She said that she was proud of the soldiers and that people like him were her heroes.

With a smile, they end the conversation with a fist bump!

If you would like to watch the heartwarming conversation, here’s the video!

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