Mom Roars Like A Dinosaur, Her Son’s Adorably Frightened Reaction Has Her In Hysterics

Although most kids love their favorite dinosaur cartoon friends, this baby gets scared everytime mom decides to roar like a dinosaur. Every time mommy asks, “Is it a dinosaur and it says “Roar…?” the boy’s lips start to quiver and his eyes fill up with tears.

I like how mommy is trying to get him accustomed to the sound, all while saying, “It’s ok,” to ensure that he can fight his fears. But, the little boy just isn’t ready to do so, yet.

As soon as mom changes the topic and reassures her son that he’s ok, the boy starts to smile and everything is ok in his world — temporarily. The woman goes right back into it and says, “It just says ROAR!” And, then the baby is all upset again.

It’s a cute video but one that also makes you feel sorry for the poor baby! I’m sure it’ll also make you chuckle just a little.

Click on the link below and watch the baby get scared of dinosaur sounds for yourself!


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