Dad Says “Squirrel” And The Pup Instantly Has The Internet In Stitches

One Jack Russell Terrier, Callie, is no exception to the latter as she gets excited over something in specific: squirrels. While the terrier is fascinated with squirrels in general, she learned to associate the word “squirrel” to her favorite furry prey, and her owner decided to have a little fun with it.

In a gone-viral video, Callie’s dad simply talks to her about squirrels while holding her on the porch, and her reaction is priceless!

Most dogs, when you say “squirrel,” either don’t react or just start looking around until they realize no squirrel is actually present. For Callie, she lets out the most horrific growls of excitement when she is told her favorite rodent is on the loose. It’s like no other reaction you’ve seen before.

“Do you see them?… They’re everywhere!” At that point in the video, viewers are left dying of laughter. Meanwhile, the terrier is more rambunctious than ever before.

Unfortunately for poor Callie, there weren’t any squirrels present at the time; it was just dad playing a mean ole prank on her! On the bright side, we did receive a treat of our own out of it.

Even though the video is just seconds shy of a minute, it’s the funniest 53 seconds you’ll have watched in a long time.

Seriously though, you’ll get a good laugh from Callie in the video below!

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