Veteran Is Brought To His Knees Crying After Strangers Show Up At His Apartment

Ron Hyde is an air force vet from California, who had a life-changing surprise he didn’t see coming. Ron was undergoing chemotherapy when he decided to stop. Without many possessions, living in his home with only a mattress and a few necessities, Ron went to Goodwill where the veteran found a pink TV chair, for $25, to add to his simple living space. Except there was one problem, he had no way of getting it from the store to his home because he didn’t have a ride.

However, a woman named Laura posted on Facebook asking anyone if they could help Ron the veteran. A man named Michael showed up. She also posted another post asking if anyone had any extra furniture.

Next thing Ron knew, a truck filled with people’s home furnishings showed up to his apartment. Laura and Michael even rallied to ask if people had any blankets or food, anything that could help Ron live more comfortably. All of a sudden, his apartment became flooded with lamps and pillows, a bed and blankets. His cupboards filled up with cans and packages of food, even a convection oven. Ron was so overwhelmed with the amount of love he received; he broke down with tears of joy. Life is always easier with a little help from friends.

Click below to see this beautiful story of support and goodwill.

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