Couple Plays Classic Tune On Giant Piano With Feet, Instantly Stops Passersby In Their Tracks

Manual Benyacar del Faber Teatro took this concept of the piano and replicated it to create a fun instrument that’s portable and easy to assemble.

And it gets better once they play the first two notes of a very recognizable song. A song that gets everyone clapping and excited. It’s the crowd-pleasing “Pink Panther” that immediately hits home, played on the piano, that draws inspiration from Tom Hanks’ movie “Big.”

The couple, Leo wearing a nice shirt, black pants and a bow tie, and Silvia donning a flowing white haltered dress, shows some very fancy footwork as they spin and stomp on the keys. They are dressed to the nines, but are both missing their shoes! These two natural performers are the life of the party dancing up a storm in bare feet and clearly loving it.

Click below to see the blast everyone’s having on the side of the street.

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