Woman Struggles To Order Meal When Two Waiters Grab Her Hands

Aptly named Signs, the restaurant is staffed only by hard of hearing people, and the menu is displayed in both English and American Sign Language. Don’t know the first thing about sign language? That’s why there are handy displays and infographics all over the restaurant to help diners out while they’re trying to order their meal – and a hands-on staff more than ready to help anybody who needs it!

Anjan encourages diners to order their meals in sign language, urging customers to learn how to communicate with those who are hearing impaired while bridging the communication gap and making it delicious!

He told reporters on the Candian Broadcast Channel (CBC), “Providing them an opportunity here is something they deserve, and they are very talented. Everyone who’s on my staff, I’m extremely happy [with]. They are extremely talented.”

This concept is such a wildly inventive idea, and it would be great to see more restaurants like Signs. Sadly, the place was shut down for reasons that have not been shared.

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