Sisters Are Hysterical After Little Ball Of Fur Comes Through Back Door On Christmas Morning

It’s not as common to see a kid freak out over a brand new action hero. Sure, it’s exciting and there are lots of smiles, but when kids wake up to a brand new bunny or puppy, it’s a whole other story. In this video, it’s Christmas morning, and dad is outside with a little furry surprise. He’s on his knees with the door cracked, and all a sudden, there’s a loud, very high-pitched screech!

A young girl comes running into view and scoops up the ball of fluff that’s suddenly appeared in the living room. There’s another girl to the side, in tears, her hands covering her face as she cries. Both are now in hysterics, sniffling and trying to contain themselves. The white doggie gets passed back and forth between both girls as they try to figure out how to react to this situation! I’ve never seen so many tears on Christmas morning! And the dog’s little tail? It’s just wagging away – I guess he’s happy to be in his new home!

Click below to watch this funny scene filled with love.

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