Man With Cerebral Palsy Puts New Spin On Comedy, And It’s Cracking Everyone Up

From the moment he steps onstage, it’s clear that all four judges are wildly curious about the special needs comedian. With nothing but a table holding his iPad that plays a synthesized voice with pre-recorded messages and the option to type in responses to questions he didn’t have prepared, Lost Voice Guy delivers an unforgettable performance that has everyone in stitches.

Lee’s sunny disposition and wise-cracking jokes warm up the audience. He’s found humor in an otherwise dark situation, and it’s his honesty that drives his stand-up. He gently pokes fun at himself without being self-deprecating, but instead, enlightening and charming. His opening line is “I’m a struggling stand up comedian who also struggles to stand up,” and it gets funnier and lovelier from there!

Click below to watch Lee light up the whole room. The best part of the whole thing? His ear to ear smile at the end of his performance.

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