Uninterested Judges Watch 4 Women Take Stage. But Crowd Goes Wild When Their Dresses Change!

This group instantly has everyone wondering what they’re going to be performing, especially since their name is “The Cocooners.” So, when the judges give them the go-ahead to begin their act, everyone is sitting at the edge of their seat, waiting for the much-anticipated routine.

Each of the women mounts a platform, and a weird-sounding track comes on. They instantly begin to move, almost robotically, and suddenly start to remove their dresses — gold and shiny jumpers surface from underneath, and the ladies are in full form.

They begin to tap dance their way through the music all while sporting big smiles and oozing a whole bunch of energy. The judges seem to be impressed with their zest for life and the hard work they’ve put into making this audition happen. Not to mention their fantastic dancing skills!

The Cocooners end their performance on a high note, with the judges and audience cheering the women and commending them on their act.

Click on the link below and watch The Cocooners put on a fabulous show!

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