Pregnant Couple’s Gender Reveal Takes An Interesting Turn When Guests Suddenly Start Screaming

The crowd clapped as the couple removed the first slice: pink! They would be expecting their third daughter. Of course, the party guests were excited  — all that matters is the child is healthy.

After the claps died down, the couple said that it was getting hot. As the lyrics go, “It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.” Okay, so maybe not all of your clothes. (Please, for goodness sake.)

So, next thing you know, the pregnant mommy quickly took off her shirt to reveal another shirt that said, “Oh boy!” Shortly after, her hubby removed his zip-up to a shirt that read, “It’s a boy!” At that point, the partygoers cheered even louder.

To cut to the chase, the couple would not be expecting a third daughter after all. Finally, a son! Third time’s a charm, right?

To see the full gender reveal, watch the video below.

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