Teen Gets Rejected For Prom, Then Guy Makes School-Wide Announcement And Makes Her Cry

Katie Kelzenberg is a senior student at Stillwater High School and Dwayne’s biggest fan. She’s got all his movies, posters, and even memorized lines from his films. Safe to say that Katie loves Dwayne, and we don’t blame her.

So, while prep for prom was fully underway at Stillwater, Katie sent out a letter to Dwayne, her crush, asking him to join her for the dance. She didn’t hear from him and figured that he was busy and why would he REALLY message her back? He’s a celebrity, he doesn’t have time for this, right? — Wrong!

One morning, when the students were settling into their class, waiting for the morning announcements, something was different. It wasn’t a student or teacher from the school who was on the PA system; it was Dwayne himself.

He began by addressing the entire school, and then he turned his attention to Katie and her proposal. The teen was in tears to hear his voice on her school’s PA and kept telling everyone around her to “Shh!”

We’re glad this moment was recorded on camera, so click on the link below to hear the full announcement and see what Dwayne had to say, he’s a true gentleman!

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