Groom Stops Vows To Confess His Love For Another – Has Everyone Crying Even Harder

When Diogo met Nicole almost three years prior, he knew he had found something special. And with Isadora, he knew that he wanted to be her father, especially since he watched her grow up. So at the wedding, as if it already wasn’t beautiful enough, Diogo stepped it up a notch, and after exchanging vows and marrying Nicole, now it was Isadora’s turn to get a proposal.

In the middle of the ceremony, Diogo gets down on one knee, with an extra ring in his hand, asking Isadora to be his daughter forever, and if he can be her father forever. The adorable little girl, wearing a pretty dress, proud to be beside her mom and new dad, suddenly becomes overwhelmed with emotion and breaks down in tears of joy saying yes immediately!

Diogo says he’s known her since he started dating Nicole three years ago and just wanted to give her a special gift. Everyone is crying and happy beyond belief. This gesture is a heartfelt and loving way to start their new life as a family together.

Click below to watch a really happy day get a whole lot happier!

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