Spine-Tingling “Sound Of Silence” Cover By Heavy Metal Band Has Internet Covered In Goosebumps

Simon and Garfunkel’s 1966 classic hit, “Sound of Silence” is exactly that – a classic, and almost untouchable. From its heart-stopping lyrics to slow-moving melody and sound, the English duo created an incredible piece of music that’s so bare bones and revealing. With only two acoustic guitars and two harmonizing voices, the goosebumps pop up immediately. But even though it’s a deep, thought-provoking song, there’s still a bubbly, uppity flow to it. It was a top-selling single, after all.

And then American heavy-metal rock band, Disturbed came along. These guys took the 1960’s, hippie hit and turned the dial way down. It’s been slowed to a crawl and made darker. Lead singer David Draiman’s vocals are low and ominous as he builds momentum and power. While the video is solemn and shot in black and white, his voice shifts to a higher state, creating a real sound that gives this song additional layers of context decades later. Just wow.

Click below to watch this music video of a well-loved classic, re-imagined.

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