Impressed Judge Slams Golden Buzzer As 60-Year-Old’s New Dance Forces Everyone Out Of Seats!

Donchez appears on stage with such energy, the judges and audience are smitten already. He’s got a retro fun style that you can’t help but feel drawn to. As he introduces himself, he bounces around and has such a big smile on his face; it’s easy to see this is going to be a good one. This guy does NOT look like he’s in his 60s. Performing an original song, Donchez’s reggae style, and super catchy lyrics has everyone riled up from the get-go.

He’s got a big personality, makes flamboyant fashion choices and exudes buoyant energy. Donchez jumps into his original song called “Wiggle and Wine,” which in moments, has the whole auditorium wiggling and winding. Everyone stood up – there were zero bums in seats for this one – the judges even left their table and went on stage, and when David slammed the golden buzzer, well, Donchez fell to the floor on stage, overcome with happiness! The word “fun” doesn’t even begin to describe this performance. It’s like fun to the power of wow times bubbles and golden confetti plus a standing ovation with tears of joy!

Click below to join in on the fun!

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