Judges Doubt Gothic Teen Can Sing, But Then He Hits First Note And Gives Everyone Goosebumps

Growing up, Andrew looked up to rock bands like Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, and always had a vested interest in music. So when this 19-year-old make-up artist realized he had a voice, he spent quite some time rehearsing and practicing and perfecting his sound – but no one had ever heard him! He never performed in front of anyone before, not even his parents.

As he nervously walks on stage, judge Howard Stern immediately notices his shyness. In fact, all judges were curious and expectant. They presumed, based on his appearance, he would perform something heavy and hard, and with a rock edge. Instead, the judges and audience witness something entirely different. The moment he opened his mouth, a different kind of music and sound came out that had the crowd in tears. Andrew chose a genre no one saw coming and had every judge falling in love with him – his first time on stage ever!

Click below to watch Andrew melt the audience and judges.

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