Couple Comes On Stage To Dance. Their Routine Transforms Stage And Gets Them Standing Ovation.

The lights go dark, and the couple takes their position. A screen with a fireplace appears in the background, and the man runs up to it, motioning with his hand. Suddenly, the fire turns on. This dance is a visually arresting piece that starts with the dancers dancing on their feet against the backdrop, but then turns to them lying on the floor, their bodies projected onto the screen. The idea and effect are that it looks like they are in the screen’s projections when really this is a collaborative piece that combines real-life dancing against an image.

The judges are totally into it. Especially when the couple is “sitting” at the table, but then they are magically transported to another world. They go through a couple of scenes wherein one they are falling, then caught in a pair of hands, then saved by a bird then finding each other before flying through the sky holding onto another big mystical bird. This fairy tale of a dance won over the judges in an instant.

Click below to see this grand performance come to life right before your eyes!

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