Singer Sets Up Stage For Blind Audition. Moments Into Routine, Judges Scream Over His Talent.

Seems like 28-year-old Sam Perry, from Perth, knocked his blind audition out of the park! He impressed the judges way before they even knew they were impressed!

The stage is set, the audience is full, and Sam makes his entrance into a silent room with bated breath. He’s wearing a big nap sack as he cuts through the aisle towards a box that’s waiting for him on stage. He takes a moment to set up, making little sounds and ambient noise that already has the judges’ curiosity piqued. They all look perplexed, wondering what’s going on in this otherwise silent room.

Making sounds using only his voice and his sound system, Sam has created a live DJ performance piece to none other than Prince’s “When Doves Cry.” He had barely even begun his routine – he’s still only making noises, not even singing yet – when the judges couldn’t take the mystery any longer. All four slam down and face Sam with mouths agape.

Each one is flabbergasted by his performance as he delves deeper, really wowing everyone with his unusual talent. His voice, plus his soundboard and tech tools lent themselves to a stellar performance, one that has each judge begging for him to be on their respective team!

Click below to watch this captivating show! Sam is a star already!

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