Retired Man Loses $100 And Can’t Buy Groceries, Then He Gets Phone Call From A Little Boy

Jodie Johnson is the mom of 8-year-old Jaron who is trying to raise her kids with honor and respect. She wants to instill in them a sense of ownership and responsibility and ensure they know the difference between right and wrong. No parents ever know how many of their lessons their children take in, but there are few times when you can break through and see all that hard work pay off.

While grocery shopping, Jaron noticed a $100 bill lying on the ground. So he took it, and on the way home in the car, told his mom what he had found. Jodie knew this was a perfect teachable moment, a moment she could let her son decide what to do and see if anything she had taught him stuck.

Instead of running to the store to spend money on stuff any boy his age would want, Jaron knew the money wasn’t his and wanted to return it. The next day, Jodie and Jaron called the store to see if anyone had reported it, and because James had, the boy was able to return the cash. To show his gratitude to a kid with such character and goodwill, James gave him $20 and a bag of fresh tomatoes – Jaron’s favorite! Way to go Jaron, after all, true character is who you are when no one is looking.

Acts of kindness on behalf of the younger generation aren’t so difficult to come by. There are so many stories similar to Jaron’s, in which kids and teens have done the right thing by returning the money and wallet they’ve found, to the rightful owner.

Some kids even try to the do the right thing on behalf of their parents. Where parents are teaching their children to be honest, some children have to do the same for their parents. Check out this story below in which a teenager meets with the woman his father stole from. All he wants to do is return the money.

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