Grandma Wearing Black Steps On To Stage. Her Classic Rock Performance Brings The House Down.

Another grandma who doesn’t fit the mold is Jackie Ramsay. She auditioned for “The Voice: Australia” and blew everyone away in the process with her rockin’ stage performance and great vocals. She took the stage in all black, accented by her bright red hair and gold chains. As in all blind auditions for the television talent show, the judges could not see Jackie until they decided to press the button in front of them — signaling that they would like her to be a part of their team. Only then would their chairs turn around.

Jackie delighted both the judges and the audience with her rendition of the classic Led Zeppelin song, “Rock and Roll.” Her performance was high-energy and befitting of the rockin’ tune. It was only seconds before judge Boy George turned his chair around, eager to include Jackie on his team. If he was surprised at what he saw, he didn’t let on. Jackie’s “grandma” status didn’t matter, just her fantastic voice and impressive audition.

Watch Jackie wow everyone in the video below!

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