This 2-Year-Old Girl Is Smarter Than A Lot Of Adults, Her Conversation With Mom Proves It!

Then, they ask her if she can cry and she does. “Cry harder!” her parents say, and she lets out a little scream. They ask her to pout, and she puts out her bottom lip in an adorable manner. After, they asked her to laugh, and she did so, but then they told her to laugh harder, and she increased her volume. They continue to ask her random questions.

“What are the colors of daddy’s eyes?” Veronica’s dad asks. She looks at him and answers, “Blue.”

“What are the colors of Veronica’s eyes?” He asks. She points to her eye and says. “Brown.” Well, if you want to get technical, she said “Bwown.”

She’s also witty, though. When her mom asks her to count to ten, she skips every number, and just says, “10!” That brings out a laugh from her parents.

As Veronica cleans her mess (she wipes the table and pushes down a grain of rice), they ask her who she loves most, and she screams, “Daddy!”

The video was even featured on Animal Planet’s “Puppies vs. Babies.”

If you’d like to watch the video of the smartest 2-year-old answering all sorts of random questions, just click the video down below!

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