Tween Blows Roof Off House With Version Of “Man’s World,” Has Everyone On Edge Of Their Seats

Charlotte takes to the stage dressed impeccably. She is stylish and holds her own very well. She’s sitting on the stairs, and just as the music starts, the power of her voice becomes obvious. As if she’s channeling the singer himself, Charlotte’s full-on entrance into the song commands attention. She’s forceful and hits notes with ease. She even sounds like a mini Christina Aguilera!

As the young girl makes her way through the set on stage, it’s easy to see how much star power she’s got. Charlotte has just the right amount of sass and presence to have the audience eating right out of the palm of her hand. Steve’s reactions say it all – he can’t believe that a tween can have this much talent! Charlotte ends really well on a dramatic high note that has the crowd roaring. Steve is a huge fan and gives her a double high five!

Click below to watch Charlotte shine in her one-of-a-kind performance!

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