Excited Toddler Talks To Husky. Seconds Later, They’re Having A Heated Conversation.

Little Garrett, wearing nothing but a diaper and a Batman shirt, is adorably jumping up and down, giggling like there’s no tomorrow! He’s smiley and laughing, and his face is filled with joy from ear to ear. Garrett’s squeals are delightful, and they’re mirrored by Phoenix who’s lying on the ground, transfixed by the toddler’s happy behavior. Phoenix is in total awe, and also contributing to the conversation, by adding in some of his own squeals and howls.

The two are completely engaged in a conversation no one else will ever understand. It’s a private chat between these two friends. Maybe they’re planning to take over the world, or in the middle of deciding what color the walls should be painted. Maybe it’s about Phoenix wanting a belly rub or Garett wanting the husky to get up and dance with him. We’ll never know, and it’s just so darn cute, we don’t need to!

Click below to eavesdrop on the cutest convo you’ll come across today!

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